About GlobalSeam Technology

We enjoin you to hand over your IT hassles and company projects to GlobalSeam Technology Limited in order to get the following advantage:

Cost and quality advantage??

The paramount benefits that customers derive from choosing GlobalSeam Technology Limited are affordable prices and outstanding quality of products. Despite a high competitive spirit in the IT market, GlobalSeam is always open to price reviews without compromising the quality of any of our product.

Customized Solution advantage

We at GlobalSeam are process-flexible and can adjust our “Off-The Shelve software Application” to suit a particular project, depending on thechallenges and business needs of our client. In all of our client’s projects, we focus exclusively on their business challenges by working on a supreme product quality; adhering to schedules and budget.

Customer Service advantage

GlobalSeam exercises the activity that guarantees a successful and seamless project run. Our development and management processes are plain but well-tuned and can also be understood easily by our clients. We address any questions, concerns or ideas coming from any customer with apt explanations, friendly discussions and to-the-point decisions. We are always available to answer your calls and can adjust our working hours, if necessary to fit into our over sea customer’sbusiness hours outside our time zone.

Professionalism and Excellence

GlobalSeam is committed to undertaking the projects that requires technology competence and know-how abilities. In each step of our project execution, we at GlobalSeam Technology Limited, do our best to with utmost responsibility by using practical knowledge, creativity and skills to achieve excellence.

DataSafety and security

All our clients are rest assured of the safety of their sensitive records and information. Due to the sensitivity of the information processed through our software applications, the security model of our software is very robust and multi-levelled. The scope of the security control we implemented begins from project briefing to protection of databases, menu options, screens, individual fields and individual records. We employ set-up advanced security options using query-based filters, System Access Log, that alerts you against any unauthorized access, with an Audit Log which records every changed field and the identity of the user that changed it.

One-stop vendor??

At GlobalSeam, it is possible to order morethan one services via a single access point without having to engage several others. For example software design and development or the design of distribution packagewith application installation including a technical support and maintenance. A "one-stop" service like we provide, releases the clients/customersof additional product-related costs, saves time and can foster a long-term partnership between us and our clients.