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GLOBALSEAM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is a leading Software Technology and IT firm, with an objective to improve and accelerate clients business and operational capacity through the provision of current, intelligent and complete ICT based technologies/solutions aimed at increasing ................

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GlobalSeam Technology Limited is a reputable globalcompany with long years of experiencein Software Solution Development, IT Training and Consultancy services in networking and information system security. We are also poised to giving our clients innovative and cost effective niche technologies, ..........

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The paramount benefits that customers derive from choosing GlobalSeam Technology Limited are affordable prices and outstanding quality of products. Despite a high competitive spirit in the IT market, GlobalSeam is always open to price reviews without compromising the quality of any of our product ..........................

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TheVision of GLOBALSEAM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED is to be the leading Software Technology and IT firm in the world.

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The mission of GlobalSeam Technology Limited is to improve and accelerate clients business and operational capacity by providingthe latest, innovative and cost effective technologies, training and information.

GlobalSeam NSE certified fix complaint order management system (OMS) GLOBALTRADE

We wish to introduce an order management system (OMS) that is NSE certified and fully integrated with the new NSE X-stream trading platform and the NSE Genium FIX Gateway Server currently being implemented by the NSE.
With the X-Gen Transformation Program currently embarked upon by the Nigerian Stock Exchange involving the exchange software changeover from Horizon to the new NASDAQ?? ??X-Stream and implementing?? the Financial???? Information???? exchange???? (FIX)?? Distribution?? Gateway???? Interface???? designed???? to???? facilitate increase liquidity in the markets it has been made compulsory and a standard for all broker dealers of the Nigerian Stock Exchange to have a certified FIX compliant OMS installed in the organization for efficient and easy access to the market.

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